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We offer comprehensive machinery services, specializing in plastic extrusion, end formers, tube benders, cycle testers, riveting machines, mechanical sorters, and pin engraving vision systems. With cutting-edge technology and expertise, WBT ensures precision and efficiency in manufacturing processes, catering to diverse industrial needs with a commitment to quality and innovation.


We excel in designing and manufacturing a wide range of fixtures, including check fixtures, machining fixtures, assembly fixtures, In-process gauges, SPC fixtures, conveyor fixtures, full attribute fixtures, CMM holding fixtures, and process holding fixtures. These precision-engineered tools ensure accuracy and efficiency in various manufacturing processes, enhancing productivity and quality control in industrial settings.


Our team specializes in advanced tooling solutions, offering load stands, tire assemblies, conveyor pallets with custom fixturing and nesting, end effectors, hand off stands, locating and installation jigs, and leak testers. These tools are designed for precision and durability, enhancing productivity and ensuring high-quality results in various industrial and manufacturing applications.

Other Shop Services

We offer a comprehensive range of shop services, encompassing high-precision machining, complex fabricating, professional painting, turning, grinding, and more. These services, executed with state-of-the-art equipment and skilled craftsmanship, cater to diverse industrial needs, ensuring top-quality results and meeting the stringent demands of various sectors with efficiency and reliability.

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What We Do